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Saturday, March 12, 2011

SEOmoz is a Waste of Money

Looking for a job pretty much sucks - a lot. Putting yourself out there again and again to be rejected is just not fun at all. I had this brilliant idea that for every company that rejected me so far, I would start up my own competing company and "teach them a lesson"! ... Well, to date I would need to set up a massive online book-seller, an online car shopping system, and a global coffee store chain, not exactly the easiest of tasks! Well, this latest company "SEOmoz" is a little more in the ballpark.  I know a thing or two about "SEO" and I have been involved with it much longer than the founder of their company.

This SeoMoz offers a Pro (read: Expensive) search engine optimization service from $99 to $2,000 per month. What a complete rip-off! Most of what they offer can be found for FREE on the Google Webmasters page, or the Yahoo Site Explorer.  All your incoming links, page ranks and search engine queries can be found on these two excellent services from the major search engines.  I'm usually not that fond of Google, as I believe they are becoming too big and powerful.  However, you don't argue with a 1000 pound gorrilla and they have all the control in this situation, so you might as well go right to the source and don't waste your money on SEOmoz.

If you need any extra help with SEO, drop me a line, I will set you up for less than they charge, and also give you personalized service. 

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