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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Air or Error ?

I recently sent this note to an air(error)line when I was online trying to make a booking.  Maybe they will write back and offer me a job consulting on their web site?

Dear Sirs,
I am a programmer.  I work on web sites all day and I can tell you that your online reservation form is very difficult to use!  This is a perfect example of what Not to do with javascript.  Who knows how many bookings you are losing with this form?  This is on your main site, left side under "Flight Booking":
* Way too many javascript alerts pop up like "We were unable to proceed your search request.
Please choose a city from the list provided." (incorrect English btw) -  I know this already - I have not even finished the form yet - all of the javascript error checking should happen when you click the "Next" button.
* Also, I don't know what "Region" I am in - can't we just remove that part? - I couldn't find "Taipei" or "TPE" in the city list. Maybe you don't fly there.  This is why I was clicking back and forth in the region/city boxes, and found the annoying javascript alert.
I hope you can fix this error on your web site and I look forward to flying on your airline.
Best Regards,

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Keith Grey said...

An Update on the situation, they did write back on Nov. 23rd! I didn't get a job, but they did fix the web site.

This is ______ Air.

Dear Mr. Grey,

Thank you for your e-mail describing your recent experience with us.

Firstly, please be advised that the script is now revised so that the alert shows only in necessary cases.

Secondly, we would like to inform you that ______ Air operates daily flight from _____ to Taipei (TPE). You may book or check the schedule on the web by choosing Taipei (TPE) currently under South East Asia Region. The regional category on the web shares the same standard as passenger timetable.

Once again, we appreciate your valued suggestion to ______ Air, and at the same time we assure you that ______ Air will keep constant attention to improve the system. We’ll be looking forward to serve you again in the near future.


J*** H****
General Manager
Internet Planning Team
______ Air